... Developing Assets by Saving and
      Sustaining Energy

Who We Are

Christiani & Nielsen Energy Solutions Co., Ltd (CNES) is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, with operations across the whole country. CNES consists of a team of committed professionals in the sector of Energy Efficiency Enhancement (EEE) for improved sustainability.

Mission Statement

To be established as:

  • Regional leader providing turnkey solutions for enhanced sustainability;
    • Energy solutions being the inception point;
  • Our mission is attributed to the compliance of AAA;
    • Alliance (with Strategic Partners);
    • Attitude (of conducting ourselves in the manner of acquiring mutual success);
    • Apparentness (to assure transparency of all requisite matters;

Our Commitment

Provision of most optimum turnkey solution with full:

  • Assurance for mutual success
  • Responsibility for the deliverables in terms of:
    • Budget
    • Quality
    • Timely Completion
    • Adherence to international standards of SHE
  • Gradual development with updated technologies
  • Optimum utilization of it-based solutions
  • Regular self-introspection and retro-section for a continued improvement

Our Values

  • Adhering to the AAA policy
  • Best management practices implementation
  • Fulfillment of commitments serve as the prime priority
  • Recognizing and promoting the able human resources within the organization
  • Staying updated with the advancements within the sector of interest(s)
  • Continuously seeking avenues to add to the portfolio
  • Pro-actively seeking alliances for a continued growth
CNES is a merger by and between Christiani & Nielsen (Thai) Public Company Limited (CNT), one of the Oldest Construction Company in Thailand and a group of Comitted Professionals in the sector of Energy Efficiency Enhancement for improved sustainability. CNES, citing CNT being the Major share-holder is an integral part of illustrious GP Group.


  • Development of Solar PV System Sales (EPC)
  • Solar PV Generated Electricity Sales via Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Development of Power Plants from alternate renewable sources
  • Consulting and turnkey services for energy efficiency enhancements for building facilities

Contact Info

  • CNES Bangkok Head Office
  • +66 2004 9199
  • 727, La Salle Road,
    Bangna-Tai District,
    Bangkok - 10260, THAILAND