Christiani & Nielsen Energy Solutions (CNES)

Christiani & Nielsen Energy Solutions (CNES) was founded in 2019 as the renewable arm of Christiani & Nielsen (Thai) PCL to address the pressing need for sustainable and efficient resource utilization across all levels of society. We specialize in the development and management of renewable energy production, with a current focus on solar power, offering Power Purchase Agreements, turnkey EPC services and Energy Efficiency solutions to empower businesses to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, guiding them towards a more sustainable future.

At CNES, we believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration. Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their unique energy needs and develop customized solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

Our Mission

Our Services

Through our Power Purchase Agreements, clients can benefit from clean energy without the need for upfront investment, while our turnkey EPC services ensure seamless project implementation from concept to completion. Additionally, our Energy Efficiency solutions optimize energy usage and reduce wastage, further enhancing sustainability efforts.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a world-class provider of renewable energy, leveraging reliable technologies to minimize environmental impact and create sustainable conditions for our clients and the communities where we operate.

Our Goal

Our immediate goal is to establish ourselves as a leading force in Thailand’s solar power industry thereby enhancing sustainable power generation capabilities throughout the country. Simultaneously, we plan to expand into other renewable energy sectors across South East Asia